Friday, 4 July 2008

For Wendy ....

Checking my emails at lunchtime today, as you do, (well yesterday really because I haven't been to bed yet!) there was one from Paperbag Studios who have brouight out a new plate of stamps - Knowing.
I whizzed off a mail to Wendy at The Stamp Attic to see see when she would be getting them (which would hopefully not be before next pay day!). We then spent the rest of the afternoon exchanging emails.
Wonder who was busiest - me or her!!!
So just to say thanks for making an ordinary Thursday afternoon a bit different, here's a little something for Wendy.
Enjoy ....

PS - can you see the difference in the photo - I've discovered the macro setting on the digi camera (with a little help from Stephen, the techno wizard, in the office!! Thanks to Stephen.

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Anonymous said...

Cute card Sue! xx