Saturday, 23 August 2008

The Last Bank Holiday Before Christmas ....

Well, well, well - where is the year going? Here we are at the last Bank Holiday weekend before Christmas and I bet it won't be long before some bright spark somewhere comes along and tells us how many shopping days there are left ......
Partly to share with you all and partly to act as a 'To Do List' here is a run down of what I will be doing ....
1. Friday Night (now Saturday morning)
The intention was to have an early night but got caught up with two things - firstly another of my passions - my Family Tree. A couple of days ago, I got a couple of interesting emails from a popular re-uniting genealogy web site, that looked as if they had the potential to fill a couple of gaps. Bit of an understatement - they proved to be very interesting and I've been exchanging a flurry of emails over the last 24 hours. The last one, being sent by me, was more of a Barbara Taylor Bradford novel and when I had finished it, I decided to save it to draft but while I had been waxing lyrical, the internet provider connection had timed itself out - so I lost the whole lot. That will have to be re-done tomorrow - or rather today - lol. Not having much luck with the IT skills at the moment - lol.
I also managed tonight (after a bit of a dodgy start) to get signed up to the Suzi Blu online course - Les Petites Dolls and take a sneak preview at the 'lessons'. It looks great fun and I can't wait to get started - but this will have to wait until Sunday - because ....
2. Saturday
Saturday night I am doing my second overnight baby sitting stint, to the continually gorgeous Finley William !!!! Those of you who have been here before will remember the hunt for the Triple 6's and the photo of the sunset. This time we are playing by my rules - I insist !!!!!
Before he comes the following jobs have to be done -
Shopping for chocolate, more chocolate and more chocolate
and a nice bottle of red for when he goes home
Putting the newly purchased travel cot together
(that should be a laugh)
Doing the minimal housework I usually do at a weekend - lol
Having a nap before the gorgeous one arrives - lol
Re-doing the email that an american internet provider stole from me
3. Sunday
Catching up on any sleep that I might have missed out on the night before! Taking photographs and making the slideshow of my Soul Journal. Then I will take a deep breath and start my Dolls Project. I have already downloaded and had a sneak peek at the videos and the pdf files and it looks really good - can't wait ....

4. Bank Holiday Monday
Monday is the 25th of the month and time again to Scrap Your Day ..... This is a great idea - you just take photos all day long of your day and then put them together as a record of your life, your surroundings, special events and anything else that Makes Your Day. You then put them together over a double page spread and at the end of the year you have a snapshot in time of that year.
I should also do something about cleaning my car - inside and out - it is a rather fetching shade of blue and grime - lol. I should also put some oil in it and windscreen washer stuff, so that it runs smoothly and I can see where I'm going .....

What are you going to be doing? .... Hope you're all going to have as much fun as me !!!! ....

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