Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Library ....

Since the last post, I've really got into Andy Skinner's Book of Secrets online class that I'm doing - you can read more about it here .... - so much so that I didn't stop at one Book - but have made three more ....
They aren't books at all really - they're boxes that look like books with a 'secret drawer' - the spine comes out.  Doing the course, I've learned some really clever techniques - dry brushing, making a faux leather finish, hand made tape - just like the TH tissue tape - which is really cool and many others. 
So - I've got the original brown one, a pink one, a green one and a blue one.  The photo (always take rubbish photos - lol) doesn't really do the books justice - but I just love them.
I've signed up for two more of Andy's online workshops (which you can read about by following the link - Timeworn (which is all technique based and looking at the 'ingredient' list, looks very interesting), starting on 15th June; and Elixir Mixer (to do with bottles) in mid-July - and in amongst all of that is The Wedding - 20 days from now and Jury Service - can't wait - lol.

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