Sunday, 16 November 2008

Strictly Come Dancing ....

This was going to be my first post after my little time away from Blogland but I had already started the previous one and then remembered the SCD results programme, so I had to dash downstairs. I can't work out how to make posts in the order I want to - but hey ho .....
Anyways, I just love SCD and anyone watching me watch it must think I'm an absolute nutter .... I'm either dancing round the front room with the contestants, cheering, clapping or booing and generally looking as if I can't quite help it.
This series started off, however, just a little slowly and dare I say even got a bit boring - with the exception, of course, of cheeky grin Austin and local girl, Jodie.
The John Sargent thing started off as a bit of a laugh and yes he is a sweetheart but having just seen him voted in to stay on for another week, I can see people starting to get cross and uncomfortable.
At the end of the day, this is just an entertainment television show and we all know the rules, that the public has 50% of the vote but enough is enough. No-one wants to see this hugely entertaining and popular show go the same way as some of the really awful reality shows, do we?

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