Monday, 29 December 2008

A Christmas Disaster .... Well Nearly .....

So that's it then ...... all done for another year - just New Year's Eve to go now ......I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I hope Santa was kind, the family behaved and there were no power cuts, water leaks or other domestic dramas.
My only complaint about the whole time was SELLOTAPE ..... Could I find the real thing, could I heck. The three shops in the three nearby villages (we don't have a village shop anymore - bit of a pain if you need a pint of milk - you have to drive a 10 mile round trip) all had a nameless clear tape because the real thing is too expensive and "does the job just as well". At the last of the three shops, Sharon said "it's fine, I use it". So I purchased a roll and told her that I would bring it back if it didn't work. So there I am on Christmas Eve afternoon, on the floor, a glass of wine nearby, munching on a cheese and tomato sandwich, getting heartburn and wrapping presents. The stuff stuck OK but everytime I tore off a piece I lost the end and could I find it again - could I hell .......
I didn't take it back to Sharon because I went out in the garden, screamed at no-one in particular and hurled the offending roll of tape into the field at the back - lol.
Moral of the story -
1. Make sure I have the real thing next year
2. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's any good
3. Don't believe everything you're told

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Gail said...

Definitely with you on Sellotape Sue: nothing makes me more mad than "losing" the end of the sticky tape. I fear though that not even Sellotape is as good as it used to be (like most things nowadays).