Thursday, 14 October 2010

Just Got To Say - Three Things ...

Well done to the people of Chile.  The 33 miners and their 6 rescuers showed true bravery and courage yesterday, including the one with the wife and the mistress in Camp Hope - his bravery existed on two levels - lol.  The engineers on the surface are also worthy of a mention, for their attention to detail and focus on the operation in hand.
I was awake and watching TV at the time that the first rescuer, Manual Gonzalez went down the shaft and when the first miner came to the surface.  I thought it was some of the most stunning TV I've seen for years.  I was also up and watching the last miner and the brave Manuel return.
This next period of their lives is going to be really difficult for all of them - I wish them and their families well.
Second thing - an interesting question was posed by Sue (the one who should have a Blog but hasn't) last night - how long would it take you to use all up all your stash - everything, she asks.  I picked a random time scale 'cos quite honestly I haven't a clue.  Full of the excitement and emotion of the miners, I laid in bed tossing and turning and pondering on this.  My dilemma was added to by the fact that earlier on I had been making lists for the NEC in a couple of weeks time, including  some stamps that have caught my eye from Lavinia Stamps; and another shopping venture at The Stamp Attic.
Anyways, I have sort of made a plan to use up stash - all those patterned brads; strokable papers; embossing powders; 7 Gypsies charms, trinkets, clips, journal stickers and cards and their gorgeous sticky ribbons; sticks of Friendly Plastic, Stampbord; Grungeboard alphabets and shapes, blank chipboard books and so much more - lol.  The only allowed purchases will be stamps - as if I didn't have enough already - lol
We'll have to see ....
And finally, is it only me but why has the way of putting photos on Blogs changed? It's driving me nuts - it takes for ever, I can never remember what I did the time before and so have to faff about and with all the waiting makes me eat more Cornflakes.  If it ain't broke don't fix it ....

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