Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Present For the Beautiful One ...

Whether it's because this is something that I never had anything like as a child or what - but I'm soooooo in love with this .....
This is for Charlotte Kaylet aka The Beautiful One.  When I asked her what she wanted Father Christmas to bring her she rambled on about Hello Kitty but last week at PreSchool when they wrote their Dear Santa letters she put down a doll's cot.  Well done Nanny I say - lol.
Yesterday I made some bedding - a mattress, a pillow and a quilt; and then sewed up some crochet squares made yonks ago.
Much as I love my grandchildren - Nanny will not be wrapping this one up (after all, where would you start - lol) - nor the enormous box with The Gorgeous One aka Finley William's goal post in - he has a big red bow, kindly made by the florist over the road from work.
Right off to ice THE CAKE ..... wish me luck !!!!!!!

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